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MOFA Attestation
MOFA Attestation means Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation getting from other country. Countries like UAE, KUWAIT, OMAN, and QATAR etc. requires MOFA Attestation.. Foreign Ministry Attestation is required for getting a family Visa in Gulf countries like UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. MOFA Attestation Services are available through us for all Certificates. We can do all these Certificate Attestation services on behalf of you without Your Presence. We can provide this Attestation service for you from anywhere in the World. We can do all attestation of certificates issued from India and abroad like UAE, Kuwait, etc. We have pioneer all the attestation procedures / formalities from various departmants like GAD, State Education Department, Notery, Home ministry, SDM, HRD and various International embassies.Most of the attestation are required to be done from various government departments which are usually spread accross different cities in India.
How to apply
Documents to be attested by a MOFA are:
Educational Certificates –SSC, HSC, DIPLOMA, DEGREE, MASTER DEGREE, PHD etc… Educational Mark Sheets – all Mark sheets of above Non – Educational Documents – Marriage, Birth, PCC, TC, Registrations, Fingerprint, Divorce etc…
Private Diplomas – Computer Diplomas, Technical Diplomas, Fire & Safety, HVAC, Lift Technician etc…Commercial Documents – Invoice, Registration, MOU, Partnership deed etc…
MOFA Attestation can be done normally within two days, on an emergency basis we get this done on the same day.
MOFA Attestation can be done from UAE, KUWAIT, OMAN, and QATAR etc.
MOFA attestation is the final procedure to be done in a certificate. This can be done only after completing the Procedures like HRD (Human resource development department), MEA (Ministry of external affairs), and Embassy attestation

About MOFA Attestation

Why Urogulf is No.1 in the field of attestation?

We have grown to the peak of attestation companies, since 2000. We have been undertaking all the services under above categories at reasonable and competitive rates in the Industry. Our Managing Director Mr. Unnikrishnan Cholayil has developed various facilities to help customers. Customers will be provided with document tracking facilities which is exclusive benefit from Urogulf Attestation Services. Urogulf Attestation Services has is among the fastest growing attestation company with a total of 119 branches in India and Gulf countries.
  • 100% Genuine Attestation
  • Safe handling of Documents
  • Step by step tracking Mails
  • Fast Service